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About Us

Image by Alex Loup

Clean & Safe

We deep clean each and every day. All floors, surfaces and machines are disinfected. All lint screens are cleaned daily. Our facility is well-lit, with 24/7 security cameras and safe neighborhood.

#1 cleanest & safest laundromat around!

Image by Annie Spratt

Fast & Comfortable

All our machines are new and efficient. On average loads take less than 1 hour, wash-to-dry! We make your wait easy, with comfortable seating, a 60" TV, FREE high-speed wifi, and charging stations for your devices.


Easy & Friendly

Cashless transactions and all the perks! Just load up your laundry card via cash or credit. Earn points toward free cash with every load. We have quality laundry supplies on-site. Our staff is always available and happy to assist you!

Yes! We are a registered BBB business with an A+ rating

Check out our BBB A+ registered-business profile.​

Main St Laundromat BBB registered busine
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