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The Best Handy Checklist For Going To The Laundromat

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

We know laundry day (or days) can be hard to squeeze in - especially when you're headed to the laundromat. So we put together this handy little checklist to help you remember what to bring with you. Whether you plan to grab an ice cream cone next door at Dairy Delights, go for a jog up Waitts Mountain, or just relax with us and read a book, we've got you covered. Checkout the list below and hang the infographic on the fridge.

Below is a simple-text version or jump down to the infographic below.

The Essentials

1. Dirty Laundry


Bed Linens

Bath Linens

Kitchen Linens

Upholstery & Curtains

Kid Items - Lovies, Highchair Coverings

2. Soap

 Detergent Pods

Detergent Powder

Detergent Liquid

 *We have detergent available in our vending machine

3. Softeners

Dryer Sheets

Fabric Softener

 *We have dryer sheets and softeners available for purchase 

4. Bags

Bag For Dirty Laundry

Bag For Clean - Dry Laundry

Bag For Clean - Wet Laundry

Trash Bag In Case Of Rain

*We have laundry bags available in our vending machine

5. Personal

Phone & Charger

House & Car Keys

Laundry Card

Cash Or Credit

*We have laundry cards available. Just plus yours up with cash or credit

The Non-Essentials

6. Cleaning Extras

Bleach Or Vinegar

Baking Soda

Odor Beads

Color Protector Sheets, Dye Catchers

Non-Bleach Sanitizer

Mesh Wash Bags For Delicates

7. What To Bring & Do

Professional & Schoolwork

Tablet, Laptop


Book, Magazine, Newspaper

Exercise Gear - Jog, Yoga

Crafts - Knitting, Crochet

Letter Writing, Crosswords

Multi-Tasking - Errands List

*We have charging outlets available for you! We are also located near Waitts Mountain Park, shopping, the post and more.

Laundromat checklist


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