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The How To Fold Cheat-Sheet Compilation

Gather the laundry. Sort the laundry. Wash the laundry. Dry the laundry. Fold the laundry?! Nope. No way. Not gonna do it.

If you're like us, you might have an extra pile of clothes in your house... you know, the one you call: "It's clean! Just dig around and find what you're looking for!"

We want to help you shine

But we know that sometimes you get the itch to fold the laundry. (Not often, but sometimes.) If this is you right now. Like, this is your gonna-fold-laundry moment, we want to help you shine. Save this, bookmark it, print it out and keep it under your pillow. Check back frequently, because we'll keep adding to it!

Tell us what you want to know how to fold!

Let's do this. Message us and we'll get you the best answers.


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